The "Boas Notas" (meaning both good grades and good notes) came from a challenge launched by Programa Escolhas to TORKE+CC with the goal of creating an awareness campaign targeting youngsters from 8 to 15 years of age belonging to gypsy communities.


It's goal was to make children and teens (gypsy and non-gypsy) and their relatives aware of the importance of school as an institution responsible for bonding and promoting relevant teachings for their social and professional adaptation.


Being music a major interest of younger generations and a privileged vehicle for such a message, we used it as the basis of the whole project. Thus was born Boas Notas, a collaborative musical album, created by the kids themselves.


Each team came up with lyrics for an original song to include in the album, that was then worked upon by an artist from a renown gypsy band. The lyrics construction and creation process was done through several workshops, demonstrating how important writing and school are. The album was presented publicly at the annual Programa Escolhas gala, being also available online and on CD.


TORKE+CC developed the concept, naming, branding, co-creation workshops and all design pieces.


handcrafted ideas to change the world

handcrafted ideas to change the world