Lisbon’s City Hall asked us for ideas on how to promote its Urban Art Gallery, an area of

expertise of the city’s mayorship Cultural department.


We started to identify every urban art approved by Urban Art Gallery (GAU in the Portuguese

initials), and point them on the map embedded on GAU’s website, also designed by the agency.

But we went further and came up with the idea to use the City Hall's equipments (trash pick-up trucks and

glass recycling containers) to show some art pieces designed by invited artists. The final step was a

partnership with Citröen, that lent 2 DS3s to be decorated by 2 of the most famous Portuguese street

artists, in which people could visit this huge public museum.


3000 artworks submitted for interventions in 10 garbage trucks and 400 glass recycling containers in Lisbon.

Over 700 city tours, totalling in 2817 visitors in 3 months.

Lisbon Tourism embraced the initiative and added the event to its annual guide.

The project became so famous in Portugal, that the Public TV broadcaster awarded it the prize for being one of the best cultural initiatives nationwide.

This initiative became also responsible for showcasing Portuguese street art internationally, earning The Guardian recognition as one of the best collections in the world.

handcrafted ideas to change the world

handcrafted ideas to change the world