In 2014, Rexona Portugal faced the challenge of becoming socially and emotionally relevant to its consumers, following the example of its “sister brands” Dove and Skip in the search for a Brand Purpose. Continuing the Brand Journey that started in 2013 with the Gym Plan Do: More, Rexona wanted to go even further in 2014, becoming closer to consumers and making its brand claim real by showing that Rexona does in fact more.


Mobilize the Portuguese people to Do: More by contributing to a national cause. To reach this goal we created

a dynamic that allowed us to convert individual effort into collective gain – for each kilometre ran in the affiliated gyms, Rexona donated 1€ to a cause: the creation of the first national school of Adapted Athletics.


Rexona then choose a Brand Ambassador that represents everything the brand believes in: Jorge Pina, a Professional boxer who became a runner and marathoner after losing his eyesight, going on to represent Portugal in the Paralympic Games.


Together, Rexona, Jorge Pina and the Portuguese ran for more, reinforcing the campaign claim:

“Where there is a will, there are no limits."

handcrafted ideas to change the world

handcrafted ideas to change the world