The Dove Self Esteem Project has been working for several years on promoting women’s self-esteem and

deconstructing the beauty myth. Recently, this mission was extended to children.

According to the brand’s research, 6 out of 10 girls stopped doing something they love because they felt uncomfortable with their appearance.


We were asked to introduce the Dove Self-Esteem Project in Portugal for the very first time and generate

awareness among adults about the impact that their behaviour may have on children’s self-esteem.


We created the carbon paper ad, a press ad in a specialized parenting magazine. The ad challenged readers to test their memory by writing down the worst thing they remember being called in their childhood. To make things easier, we also included a pen.

What they didn’t know was we had placed a piece of carbon paper underneath the page, and the word they wrote in the memory test would be imprinted on the shirt of a child on the next page with the accompanying text, “Words Mark Children Forever”.

handcrafted ideas to change the world

handcrafted ideas to change the world