Who we are

André Rabanea

Founder & Innovator ideator

André is re-learning how to make caipirinhas, to go along with pastéis de nata and falafels, in the meantime he has a few ideas, runs the operation in Brasil, sends some e-mails and attends meetings. /Linkedin  /Facebook

Hugo tornelo

Founder & Innovator ideator

Hugo just wants to be able to buy some new flip flops and to get there he comes up with ideas and follows the latest tendencies barefeet, while running the operation in Lisbon with Rodrigo. /Linkedin

Pedro Alegria

Founder & Innovator ideator

Pedro is responsible for highlighting texts in green, discussing ideas with the creative team and partners in addition to his duties in running the operation in Benelux. /Linkedin

Rodrigo Rodrigues

partner & Strategic ideator

Rodrigo arrived later but in good time. He discusses branding as passionately as soccer, and splits his time between strategy and new business, operating from Lisbon to the world, alongside with Hugo. /Linkedin

Daniel Machado

Ideator / Designer

Daniel draws on every surface that allows ink, he’s constantly beginning new sketchbooks but has finished none so far.

Francisca Pimparel

Project Manager

Fran is back. Directly from the south of Brasil in time to combine her luso-franciscan curls with project management at Torke-CC. A fan of urban galleries, her curiosity allows her to be friends with clients and challenges any challenge to reality.

Gabriele Donada

Creative Ideator

Italian by origin and heart, nomade by nature.

Came out of the blue, just like his photography. Said to cook with passion, although we haven't tasted any gnocchi yet!

Isadora Diniz

Creative Ideator

Isadora, aka Isa like sunday morning, was imported from Sao Paulo to add some brazilian "ginga" to the creative planning of Torke + CC Lisbon.

Joäo pereira

Creative Ideator

Addicted Graphic Designer / Art Director / Creative Driven / Design Thinking Enthusiast / Avid Branding Researcher / Comics Fan / Cinema Buff / Chef Wannabe / Postcard Collector / Wildlife Lover / Dr. Dolittle and Dog Whisperer / Urban Farmer / Platonic Australian / Sk8-Bike-Snowboard Oriented

Nuno trindade

Ideator / copywriter

Nuno does several lines every hour. That keeps him happy and provides clients pupil dilation copywriting.

Patrícia Silva

Ideator / Operations

Our mom!

Makes sure we're all on track. That simple.

Rui Conceição

Ideator / Designer

Fan of good food and trekking around, Rui lives in search for the ultimate guitar riff. He claims to compose music and to be an artist, but what really matters is that… he has a moustache and that’s enough!

handcrafted ideas to change the world

handcrafted ideas to change the world